donderdag 26 januari 2017

New purchase: UNA

After the 2016 report of Unilever (AMS: UNA) this morning, the stock price of UNA fell with almost 2 Euros. This gave me the green light to add to my holdings.

I made a purchase order for 13 shares at a limit price of €37.65. This afternoon the shareprice dropped (shortly) under this limit, so the purchase was made.

Including transaction fees the cost basis was €491.55 in total or €37.81 per share. With their quarterly dividend of €0.3201 per share, this purchase will yield almost 3.4% before taxes.

This purchase will increases my expected yearly dividend €14.14 after taxes to €320.

I now own 45 shares of UNA with a cost base of €38.56. The yield on costs is 3.3%.

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