maandag 31 oktober 2016

November/December watchlist

On the last day of October it is a good time to think about the coming months. What will my investing goals be up to the end of 2016?

I expect not to be able to invest as much as in October, with 3 buy totaling almost €800 becaus of a loan for our home we will be paying back in December. But a few 100 euros a months should be possible.

I think it is time to add at least one position to my portfolio. And I have a few companies on my watchlist.

My main focus will be on ABBVIE (ABBV) and Target(TGT). TGT is well priced at the moment with a P/E ratio of under 13 and a dividend yield of 3.3%. Also the payout ratio is around 42%, So the company has much room to keep their dividend raise streak going for a while. Theri latest dividend hike was a very nice 7%.

ABBVIE just announced another divididend raise of over 12%. However, their share price collapsed with 6% after they published their lasted figures. Their P/E ratio is just over 10 and dividend yield is now close to 4%. Before investing I should however look at their payout ratio. Comparing 2015 earnings per share with the announced annual dividend for 2017, the payout ratio is very high with 81%. 
So before investing in ABBV I shoud do some extra research. 

Looking at the dividend payout dates ABBV would be more interesting than TGT because ABBV is paying in my "off months". So an investment in ABBV will spread my dividend income better.

zondag 30 oktober 2016

Recent buy: RDSA

With the closing of October within reach I made another purchase this month. This week RDSA was pretty volatile and was dropping under €23 again. I wasn't really aiming to make another buy this month but with the current yield, and expected better Q3 report by Shell, I decided to expend my position a little bit more.

So last friday I bought another 10 shares RDS for €22,90. Including transaction fees the total costs wee €231,05 or €23,105 per share. This was just below the average costs of the previous 50 shares we already owned, which was €23,21 per share.

The new average cost per share are now €23,19. Shell annual dividends are $1,88 per share or €1,72 at the current euro/dollar rate. That brings the YOC for my RDSA shares to 7,4% and there by one of my highest yielding companies.

This buy increases my 12 month forward dividend with €17,20 to over €250 in total and just over €100 or RDSA alone.

As you can see RDS is taking up quite a big position in my portfolio. It now is time to increase other existing positions and invest in a couple of new companies.

zaterdag 15 oktober 2016

Dividend raise

Two days ago Omega Healthcare Investors announced a dividend raise of one dollarcent. Since I started investing back in march, this is the first time I am experiencing a dividend raise of one of my holdings.

Owning 20 shares of OHI this raise will "boost" my 12 month dividend with 80 cents. The 12 month OHI dividend will be $48.80, bringing the yield on costs to 6.84%.

vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

Recent buy: Unilever

Today I made another purchase on the Amsterdam stock market. After the presentations of their quarterly figures the Unilever stock took quite a hit yesterday. This morning it even dropped a little further, going below the price I set for myself to buy some more of their stock.

So today I tripled my number of UNA stocks. I bought 10 shares at a price of €39,15 per share. Including transaction fees I payed €393,58. The costs per shares were €39,36. At this price the forward P/E is 19,2.

Unilever pays a quarterly dividend of 0,3201 per share, adding another €12,80 to my 12 month forward dividend, giving it a 3,25% YOC.

I already owned 5 UNA shares, which I bought much more expensive. Due to this purchase the average share cost is €40,12 bringing the YOC to 3.19%.

With this buy the total amount of money invested in Unilever is just over €600 bringing it more in balance with most of the other investments I made so far. I am still a bit overweight in RDSA though.

Bringing the invested money over €600 and my total investments over €4.000 this also the time to start buying other companies.

zaterdag 1 oktober 2016

Dividend income september

September was the best month of dividend income yet. Still nothing too much, but all little things help. Two companies paid dividends, Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) and Whitestone REIT (WSR).

RDSA paid $0.47 per share totaling $11.75. After tax and Euro/Dollar exchange reit I received €10.58. WSR paid $0.905 per share totaling $4.77. After tax and Euro/Dollar exchange rate I received €3.50.

Total net dividend received were €14.04, the highest monthly amount yet. How was your dividend income this month?