donderdag 16 februari 2017

Dividend raise: Coca-Cola

It hasn't happened to me a lot since I've started investing, but today another company decided to give me a pay raise.

Coca Cola Company (KO) raised it's quarterly dividend from$0.35 to $0.37 a share. This is a raise of 5.7%. Much higher than inflation in The Netherlands at the moment.

Since I own 28 shares of KO my annual net dividend income is increased by $1.90.

This raise rises YOC to 3.4%.

woensdag 15 februari 2017

Recent buy: OHI

Today I made another purchase. I bought another 10 shares of Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) I now own 30 shares. OHI has been undervalued for a while and frankly I don't totally understand why. It can't just be the announced interest rate hikes this year. And they produced great 2016 figures just a while back.

So anyway, I bought 10 shares for $30.80 a share. Including transaction fees the price per share in Euros was €29.18. At this shareprice OHI yields 8%
My average cost basis is now €31.03. The dividend yield is 7.5%.

This purchase increases my net expected annual dividend income with €19.88 to €345.

vrijdag 10 februari 2017

New position: WMT

Today I initiated a new position. I bought 5 shares of Walmart (WMT) at $67.85 per share. Including transaction fees the cost basis is $67.95. Dividend yield is 2.9%.

With this purchase my expected annual dividend income is increased with €8 to approximately €325.

WMT has come down the last month. It is already climbing back up a little bit earlier this week. In the DGI community I don't see many purchases of WMT, but it is a strong company with a great divididend history. Also WMT pays dividend in the first month of every quarter, which are the off months for my portfolio at the moment.

I now have initiated four new positions this year. That was one of the goals I set for 2017. The next months I won't be buying as much as the first 5 weeks of the year as we'll be paying off our mortgage more aggressively in the coming months.

maandag 30 januari 2017

Dividend raise: Kempen Global High Divididend fund

Parallel to investing in individual dividend growth stocks I also invest €100 into two mutual funds. One fund is a mixed fnds with both bonds, shares and some liquid assets. This fund automatically reinvests all the dividends and interest payments, resulting in a higher price.

The other mutual fund, Kempen Global High Dividend Fund, pays a quarterly dividend. This dividend was raised for 2017.

The quarterly dividend is raised from €0.33 to €0.35 per share. This is a dividend raise of 6.06%. The current price for the fund is €31.40, a dividend yield of 4.46%.
At the moment I own 11.5 shares of this mutual fund so this raise increases my yearly dividend with 78 cents.
However, I purchase for €50 each month and reinvest the dividend automatically.

The first payment will be in February the exact date is not set yet.

zondag 29 januari 2017

January 2017 dividend income

The end of the month is coming so it is time to state my dividend income.

It has been a slow month, however the dividend income is at least a million times higher than last year when I wasn't investing yet.

This month only one company paid me. Whitestone REIT (WSR) paid me €3.79 for owning 50 of their shares.

Compared to last October's dividend this moth the dividend is much lower. This is all Coca Cola's fault. They pay dividends in the first month of the quarter three ties a year, also in October, but they already paid in December instead of January. WSR itself paid me the same amount of dollars, but in Euros I received 14 cents more than last October.

donderdag 26 januari 2017

New purchase: UNA

After the 2016 report of Unilever (AMS: UNA) this morning, the stock price of UNA fell with almost 2 Euros. This gave me the green light to add to my holdings.

I made a purchase order for 13 shares at a limit price of €37.65. This afternoon the shareprice dropped (shortly) under this limit, so the purchase was made.

Including transaction fees the cost basis was €491.55 in total or €37.81 per share. With their quarterly dividend of €0.3201 per share, this purchase will yield almost 3.4% before taxes.

This purchase will increases my expected yearly dividend €14.14 after taxes to €320.

I now own 45 shares of UNA with a cost base of €38.56. The yield on costs is 3.3%.

vrijdag 20 januari 2017

New purchase: some more TGT

Earlier this week I bought 5 shares of Target Corporation (TGT), today I bought 5 more for $65 per share. This will put my expected annual net dividend income well over €300.

Now I own 10 shares of TGT at a cost basis of €619.03. Dividend yield is now 3.66%.

TGT is down this week after disappointing Holiday sales. However, I like the deal they struck with the Major League Soccer (MLS) this week. I think this is going to pay off in the next few years. Soccer is growing in popularity in the US and is still the most commercial sport worldwide.