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New position AD

Yesterday I initiated a new postion. I bought 10 shares of Ahold Delhaize (AMS: AD). AD is company that was formed by the merger of Ahold from The Netherlands and Delhaize from Belgium. Ahold constists of their flagship Albert Heijn the market leader in supermarkets in The Neterlands, the largest liquor store chain Gall&Gall and the reason why Amazon doesn't have a big market share in Holland,

Most of these brands are also known in Belgium, but the main brand for Belgium is Delhaize.

Aold Delhaize is also active in the United States with brands like:

FoodlionStop&Shopbfresh and many more.They are also active in Asia.
I was eyeing for AD a little while but found them a bit expensive at a share price of €20 but since the announced takeover of Wholefoods by Amazon the share prices has taken a hit and closed at €16.04 yesterday. So it was now well within the price I was willing to pay for it.
I bought 10 shares of AD at a share price of €16.30. Including transaction c…

Portfolio hits €10k

Yesterday my portfolio value hit the €10.000 mark for the first time. That is a big milestone for me, so I looked back at how my portfolio is doing. I did my first investment in Februari of 2016.

I invested €9.600 so far, so this means I made capital gains of more than €400 or 4.16% increase. Furthermore I received approximately €300 so far which is 3.13% of the total investments. I reinvested all of that dividends in new purchases.

So in fact I only invested €9.300. So total gains so far are 7.5% in total or 4.9% annualized. Not too bad but not too great either.

Recent Purchase: TGT

Today Amazon (AMZN) made an impact on a lot of stocks by announcing it's buying Whole Foods (WFM). A lot of stocks such as Walmart (WMT) and Target (TGT) which I both own went down quite conserably.

So I seized the opportunity to buy some more TGT shares. I bought 5, at a price of $50.23 a piece bringing the total amount of shares I own to 20.

Including transaction fees I paid a total of €225.50. At this price TGT (with it's just announced  raised dividend yields 4.94%.

This purchase brings the average purchase price of my TGT shares at €55.81 almost 3.5 euros lower than before. YOC are up to 3.94%.

Total dividend has raised to €410 after taxes.

Dividend raise: TGT

Yesterday Target (TGT) announced it will raise it's quarterly dividend by 2 cents to $0.62. This is a raise of 3.3%. Owning 15 shares of TGT this raise will increase my yearly net dividend by $1.20 to appoximately€402.

With current share price, TGT's yield is 4.47%. My YOC is a bit lower: 3.74%.

If the TGT share price stays at current levels for a while I might purchase some more shares....

May 17: Dividend income

June has already started so it is time to report my dividend income in May.

May was a better month than February, but it could have been even better. Because the dollar took a hit compared to the Euro, my income in Euro's suffered a bit.

I received dividend from the follwing companies:
Whitestone REIT (WSR): €5.39Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI): €19,31Texas Instruments (TXN): €1,53Abbvie (ABBV): €1,47Kempen Global High Dividend Mutual Fund: €4,86 (DRIP) Total net dividend income was €32,56, breaking the €100 YTD and almost equalling the total dividend income of 2016.
I cannot compare this month's income with last year, because last year I didn't receive any dividends.

How was your May dividend income?

I will updat my dividend income page soon..