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recent sell: ABBV

It was a long time ago that I sold some stocks, but yesterday I did. I sold my total position (3 shares) in Abbvie (ABBV).

I bought the ABBV shares last January for a price of $62.75 a share and sold them at $81.50, which is almost a capital gain of 30%. In dollars that is.
As I live in The Netherlands, I look at my investments in Euros. And because the dollar has weakened tremendously since January, my actual capital gains are just 12%.
When I add the dividends I received the "profit" I made was 14%.

Why did I sell? Well, mostly because of the surge in shareprice ABBV made yesterday. I expect that that shareprice >$80 won't last very long. I still like ABBV though, so if the price comes down a quite a bit I might another batch of shares.

For now I expanded on one of my other positions, which I will write about in another blog.