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Posts uit maart, 2017 weergeven

Recent buy: WSR

I had still a little bit of collected dividend lying around on my brokerage account which wasn't quite enough to buy a single share of most companies. However, Whitestone REIT (WSR) was going around for only $13 a piece today.

So I purchased just 3 shares of WSR to add to my other 50 at a price of $12.95 a piece. At this share price WSR yields a whopping 8.8%.Including transaction fees the total share price is €12.41. This purchase will increase my expected annual income by just €2.75 after taxes at current exchange rates.

My cost basis for WSR is reduced from €13.28 to €13.23, just a marginal change. YOC is now 8.6%.

Whitestone just reported solid financial figures over 2016. When I have some more money availlable and the price is still attractive I will expand on this position.

Mutual fund: Cost reduction management fees

This week I got a letter from my bank. It said that my bank made a better deal with one of the mutual funds I invest in on a monthly basis, Kempen Global High Dividend fund.

Exclusively for customers of my bank they negotiated a cost reduction of 0.15% from 0.78% to 0.63% in management fees. According to the letter I will notice this by a higher appreciating value of the fund. This is because the management fee is withdrawn from the fund value.

The mutual fund will get it's own ISIN number because it's course will differ from the original fund in the future whil all mangement decissions of the fund will be the same.

I think this is partly because of the much lower management fees tha ETFs charge for their products.

Have you ever have had management fees changed in mutual funds or ETFs?

Dividend income February 2017

February 2017 was a great month for our dividend income. It wasn't an all time high month, but it was the second highest month so far.

The following companies paid us net dividend (in Euros, after taxes):
Whitestone REIT (WSR): €3.79Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI): €9.86Texas Instruments (TXN): €1.61Abbvie (ABBV): €1.53Kempen Global High Dividend Fund (KGHD): €3.43 (DRIP) In total our net dividend income was €20.22. I cannot compare this to last year's income because we weren't investing yet at the time but this is an increase of almost 29% from last November.

I am looking forward to next month. March promisses to be a new all time high and the first month that net dividend income will exceed €50.

How was your February on dividend income?

Recent buy: TGT

After Target Corporation (TGT) presented their 2016 financial figures and the 2017 financial outlook, share price dropped significantly premarket. TGT closed on monday at $66.51 and was going around $58 premarket.

I placed a buy order for $57.50 a share for 5 shares. I didn't have too much cash lying around because of a €12k extra mortgage payment that is due for today.

When the markets opened the order was executed immediately at a share price of $57.43 a share, so now I own 5 extra shares of TGT and 15 in total.

Including transaction fees this buy costed €271.63 or €54.33 a share. My cost base for TGT dropped from €61.90 to €59.38.

The yield on cost (YOC) is now 3.8%. And after taxes this buy increases my net annual dividend income with €9.62 to almost €360.