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Dividend raise Unilever

Yesterday Unilever NV (AMS:UNA)  presented their first Quarter results and presented their new quarterly dividend. They have raised their quarterly dividend from €0.3201 to €0.3585. That's a raise of 12%. At the current share price UNA yields exactly 3%.
The dividend raise increases my expected annual dividend income by 6 euros after taxes tot €406.

My cost basis for the UNA shares is €38.56, so the new YOC is 3.7%.

Recent buy: WSR

Today I my expanded on my position in Whitesone REIT (WSR). WSR attracted new capital for the purchase of two new properties. The share price dropped about 9% premarket.

I bought another 18 shares for $12.94 a share. Including transaction fees the total costs of this purchase were €217.12 or €12.06 per share. With the annual dividend of €1.06 this purchase yields 8.8%.
My expected annual dividend is raised by about 16 euros after taxes, bringing the total just above €400 after taxes.

I now own 73 shares of WSR and this will provide me with a monthly dividend income of €5.50 after taxes.
With this purchase my cost base drops from €13.21 to €12.92 per share. YOC will be 8.24%.

Dividend raise OHI

This is the second post about Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) in two days. Yesterday I reported buying 10 shares of the company and yesterday evening I was rewarded with the announcement of a dividend raise by OHI.

The quarterly dividend is raised from $0.62 to $0.63. This is an increase of 1.6%. Owning 40 shares of OHI my expected annual dividend income will rise by $1.60 which is not that much. Total expected annual dividend income from OHI will be $100,80 pre taxes and €83.44 after taxes.

While OHI raises it's dividend every quarter, I should really look at how much the dividend has raised in a year. Next dividend is 8.6% higher than last year's dividend. That is actually a very nice yearly increase.

OHI will yield 7.4% at the current share price and my YOC will be just above 8%.

Recent buy: OHI

Today I expanded my position in OHI. I bought another 10 shares for $34.24 per share. Including transaction fees of €0.54, the total costs were €323.03 or €32.30

I already owned 30 shares at a cost basis €31.03 per share, so my cost basis has risen somewhat to €31.34.

Last quarter OHI paid a dividend of $0.62 and is known to raise it's dividend every quarter. But at this dividend the yield on cost of this purchase is 7.6% and 7.9% on all my shares. This purchase will raise my expected yearly dividend income by $26.20 before taxes.

After taxes my annual expected dividend income is increased to €385.

March 17: Dividend income

We're already a few days into April so it is long due to report on my dividend income of March. March was a great month, it really was...

We received an alltime high amount of dividend, €51.60 after taxes from 4 different companies:

Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA): 1 share DRIP + €6.19 cash = €30.80Whitestone REIT (WSR): €3.79Target (TGT): €4.79Unilever NV (UNA): €12.24
This is the highest amount yet, even topping last December when we received dividend from not just these companies but also Coca-Cola. The DRIP of 1 RDSA share will increase my expected net dividend income with approximately €1,50.

Last mpnth's dividend is a 577% increase YoY.

Our dividend income page and the portfolio page are updated with the new income and holding...

How was your dividend income last month?