maandag 3 april 2017

March 17: Dividend income

We're already a few days into April so it is long due to report on my dividend income of March. March was a great month, it really was...

We received an alltime high amount of dividend, €51.60 after taxes from 4 different companies:

  • Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA): 1 share DRIP + €6.19 cash = €30.80
  • Whitestone REIT (WSR): €3.79
  • Target (TGT): €4.79
  • Unilever NV (UNA): €12.24

This is the highest amount yet, even topping last December when we received dividend from not just these companies but also Coca-Cola. The DRIP of 1 RDSA share will increase my expected net dividend income with approximately €1,50.

Last mpnth's dividend is a 577% increase YoY.

Our dividend income page and the portfolio page are updated with the new income and holding...

How was your dividend income last month?

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