donderdag 20 april 2017

Recent buy: WSR

Today I my expanded on my position in Whitesone REIT (WSR). WSR attracted new capital for the purchase of two new properties. The share price dropped about 9% premarket.

I bought another 18 shares for $12.94 a share. Including transaction fees the total costs of this purchase were €217.12 or €12.06 per share. With the annual dividend of €1.06 this purchase yields 8.8%.
My expected annual dividend is raised by about 16 euros after taxes, bringing the total just above €400 after taxes.

I now own 73 shares of WSR and this will provide me with a monthly dividend income of €5.50 after taxes.
With this purchase my cost base drops from €13.21 to €12.92 per share. YOC will be 8.24%.

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