vrijdag 14 april 2017

Dividend raise OHI

This is the second post about Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) in two days. Yesterday I reported buying 10 shares of the company and yesterday evening I was rewarded with the announcement of a dividend raise by OHI.

The quarterly dividend is raised from $0.62 to $0.63. This is an increase of 1.6%. Owning 40 shares of OHI my expected annual dividend income will rise by $1.60 which is not that much. Total expected annual dividend income from OHI will be $100,80 pre taxes and €83.44 after taxes.

While OHI raises it's dividend every quarter, I should really look at how much the dividend has raised in a year. Next dividend is 8.6% higher than last year's dividend. That is actually a very nice yearly increase.

OHI will yield 7.4% at the current share price and my YOC will be just above 8%.

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  1. Omega Healthcare Investors have a big name. Also, it increases it's dividends every passing year. Keep up the good work and keep us updated.