donderdag 10 november 2016

New position:Target Corporation

In the aftermath of the Trump election for president I already bought some shares of Unilever (AEX: UNA).

At the opening of the New York Stock Exchange I also made a purchase of shares of a company I already owned"Target Corporation. Stock prices were going up and down at the beginning of the market and I bought 4 shares at $66.80 per share. Including transaction fees the total costs ware €61.12 per share.

Target Corporation is a Dividend Aristocrat and has a record of 45 years of consecutive dividend growth.
Target pays $2.40 per share per year, which gives me a yield on cost of 3.57% and will increase my 12 month forward pretax dividend income with €8.73 to €270.06. My net annual dividend income is now €229.55.

Target will go ex dividend on November 14 th, so in 5 days I will earn the first dividends for this company

This purchase will probably be the last one of the year because of expenses we are expecting in December.

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