woensdag 16 november 2016

Already sold TGT again

As a dividend growth investor most of the time you buy shares and keep them for a very, very long time and collect those dividends. But sometimes you have to sell some of those shares.
Today I had to sell Target (TGT) after just owning them for 1 week.

Last week I bought TGT at $66.80 per share at the beginning of the markets after Donald Trump was elected president.
In one day the shares rose to about 71 dollars and stayed there until yesterday. And TGT went ex dividend last monday as well.

Today TGT presented it 3rd quarter figures pre market and those figures are quite good. Today the TGT shareprice rose again to 77 dollars plus. That's a 18% increase compared to my buying price. So today, after just owning the shares for a week, I sold my (4) TGT shares again for $77.25 per share. At the current quarterly dividend this profit equals more than 17-18 times dividend payment or 4.5 years of dividend payment.
This is a 15.6% profit. Adding the dividend into the equation of $0.60 per share increases profit to 16.5%.

But that's just the profit in dollars. As a European investor the Euro/Dollar rate is also important. And the dollars has risen quite a lot in the last week compared to the Euro. So taking that into account and taking off transaction fees, the total profit on my TGT shares has been 18.9%.

Of course I will reinvest the money that I now have in my brokerage account, probably I will add to one of my existing positions. And if TGT drops, it is back on the table as well..

This sell drops my 12 month forward dividend income with $9.60.

I have a question for the more experienced DGI's: Was this sell wise?

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