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Posts uit februari, 2017 weergeven

Dividend raise: Coca-Cola

It hasn't happened to me a lot since I've started investing, but today another company decided to give me a pay raise.

Coca Cola Company (KO) raised it's quarterly dividend from$0.35 to $0.37 a share. This is a raise of 5.7%. Much higher than inflation in The Netherlands at the moment.

Since I own 28 shares of KO my annual net dividend income is increased by $1.90.

This raise rises YOC to 3.4%.

Recent buy: OHI

Today I made another purchase. I bought another 10 shares of Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) I now own 30 shares. OHI has been undervalued for a while and frankly I don't totally understand why. It can't just be the announced interest rate hikes this year. And they produced great 2016 figures just a while back.

So anyway, I bought 10 shares for $30.80 a share. Including transaction fees the price per share in Euros was €29.18. At this shareprice OHI yields 8%
My average cost basis is now €31.03. The dividend yield is 7.5%.

This purchase increases my net expected annual dividend income with €19.88 to €345.

New position: WMT

Today I initiated a new position. I bought 5 shares of Walmart (WMT) at $67.85 per share. Including transaction fees the cost basis is $67.95. Dividend yield is 2.9%.

With this purchase my expected annual dividend income is increased with €8 to approximately €325.

WMT has come down the last month. It is already climbing back up a little bit earlier this week. In the DGI community I don't see many purchases of WMT, but it is a strong company with a great divididend history. Also WMT pays dividend in the first month of every quarter, which are the off months for my portfolio at the moment.

I now have initiated four new positions this year. That was one of the goals I set for 2017. The next months I won't be buying as much as the first 5 weeks of the year as we'll be paying off our mortgage more aggressively in the coming months.