woensdag 9 november 2016

Recent buy: Unilever

After Donald Trump was voted the next president of the USA, the general idea was that stock markets would take a dive.
It looked like that was going to happen at the opening of the Amsterdam stock market, but with predictions of a 20 point drop (5%) the AEX is now only 1% negative.

However one of my favourite Dutch dividend stocks, Unilever (AEX: UNA) has dropped within 1 euro of its 52 week low.

So I bought another 8 shares of UNA at €37,25. Including transaction fees I paid €300,05 in total, making it €37,51 per share.

I no own 23 shares of UNA which I bought at average costs of €39,21.

This purchase will increase my annual dividend by €10,24 before taxes bringing it to €260 per year before taxes.

I hope there will be a dip at the start of the markets in the USA as well. Than I will try to make another purchase on a new position.

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  1. I like the UL buy as I have made the same purchase myself last week. I think it's going to stay popular for a while if it stays around $40 or below. Thanks for sharing.