woensdag 1 maart 2017

Recent buy: TGT

After Target Corporation (TGT) presented their 2016 financial figures and the 2017 financial outlook, share price dropped significantly premarket. TGT closed on monday at $66.51 and was going around $58 premarket.

I placed a buy order for $57.50 a share for 5 shares. I didn't have too much cash lying around because of a €12k extra mortgage payment that is due for today.

When the markets opened the order was executed immediately at a share price of $57.43 a share, so now I own 5 extra shares of TGT and 15 in total.

Including transaction fees this buy costed €271.63 or €54.33 a share. My cost base for TGT dropped from €61.90 to €59.38.

The yield on cost (YOC) is now 3.8%. And after taxes this buy increases my net annual dividend income with €9.62 to almost €360.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Awesome buy! Every little bit adds up. I have my eyes on Target as another dividend security I'd like to hold. I feel this still has some downward pressure though. I will wait till a bullish trend is established before jumping back on.

  2. Adding more dividend shares always feels good. I recently bought some TGT about a month ago, so I will probably wait until it goes lower to purchase more.

  3. Nice buy. The TGT stock price dip was a nice surprise. I bought more shares too.