zaterdag 9 september 2017

Recent purchase: BNS

With the money I had from the sell of ABBV I expanded on my BNS position. I bought another 4 shares. For my net dividend income the sell and buy have a small impact. I lost €8 by selling ABBV and I gained €10.60 by buying BNS.

I bought BNS at $62.55 a share. With a quarterly dividend of $0.63, BNS yields 4%.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Dolphin -

    Always solid picking up more share of a Canadian bank!


  2. Dividend tax on Canadian stocks are 20% I believe for Dutchies. The 15% dividend tax on US stocks can be refunded via box 3. The 20% witholding tax on Canadian stocks can't.

    That is teh reason why I won't buy Canadian stocks. The 20% is killing me.