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June 2017: Dividend income

We're already halfway through 2017 and summer vacation is upone us. So it is time to report our dividend income from last month.

And again, I can report a record breaking month. This month I received a total of €57.97 after taxes in dividend, a YoY increase of 445%.

The following 5 companies paid us for owning a piece of them:
  • Walmart (WMT): €1.92
  • Unilever (AMS: UNA): €14.16
  • Target (TGT): €6.82
  • Whitestone REIT (WSR): €5.25
  • Royal Dutch Shell (AMS: RDSA): €29.82 (1 share DRIP + €5.05 cash)
My YTD dividend income now is €180.85. As the first month of the quarter is an off month for my portfolio I think I will just mis out on the €200 mark next month, but it will be a close call. It all depends on how the Euro/Dollar exchange rate will be during July.

Because of the DRIP of my RDSA share my annual dividend will increase by €1.64 of which we will receive half in the rest of 2017.

How was your dividend income in June?


  1. Dolphin -

    I own Target and Shell, so we are in the same boat on those names. Nice job with DRIPing, as well, I love the automation it provides!


  2. Congrats on the record and massive year over year gains. I love dripping!

  3. I had a fantastic month myself and own a decent chunk or RDS.B, although it paid out first in RDS.A for me once so I have around five shares of it as well. I was just shy of $850 for the month for the first time ever so I hit my own record as well. Keep up the great work!

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