vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

Recent buy: Unilever

Today I made another purchase on the Amsterdam stock market. After the presentations of their quarterly figures the Unilever stock took quite a hit yesterday. This morning it even dropped a little further, going below the price I set for myself to buy some more of their stock.

So today I tripled my number of UNA stocks. I bought 10 shares at a price of €39,15 per share. Including transaction fees I payed €393,58. The costs per shares were €39,36. At this price the forward P/E is 19,2.

Unilever pays a quarterly dividend of 0,3201 per share, adding another €12,80 to my 12 month forward dividend, giving it a 3,25% YOC.

I already owned 5 UNA shares, which I bought much more expensive. Due to this purchase the average share cost is €40,12 bringing the YOC to 3.19%.

With this buy the total amount of money invested in Unilever is just over €600 bringing it more in balance with most of the other investments I made so far. I am still a bit overweight in RDSA though.

Bringing the invested money over €600 and my total investments over €4.000 this also the time to start buying other companies.

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  1. Great pick up with UL. I love that stock a lot. I have owned it for a few years and plan to make it a long time core position in my own portfolio too. Thanks for sharing.