maandag 30 januari 2017

Dividend raise: Kempen Global High Divididend fund

Parallel to investing in individual dividend growth stocks I also invest €100 into two mutual funds. One fund is a mixed fnds with both bonds, shares and some liquid assets. This fund automatically reinvests all the dividends and interest payments, resulting in a higher price.

The other mutual fund, Kempen Global High Dividend Fund, pays a quarterly dividend. This dividend was raised for 2017.

The quarterly dividend is raised from €0.33 to €0.35 per share. This is a dividend raise of 6.06%. The current price for the fund is €31.40, a dividend yield of 4.46%.
At the moment I own 11.5 shares of this mutual fund so this raise increases my yearly dividend with 78 cents.
However, I purchase for €50 each month and reinvest the dividend automatically.

The first payment will be in February the exact date is not set yet.

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