donderdag 5 januari 2017

First buy of the year: ABBV

Yesterday I did my first purchase of the year. While expenses are high in the end of December and the beginning of January, I was able to do a small purchase of AbVie (ABBV). I bought 3 shares at $62.75 a share. Including transaction fees the cost base will be $62.92.
ABBV pays $0.64 per quarter the yield on costs will be just over 4%, 4.07% to be exact.

Since ABBV will go ex dividend at January 11th, I will nicely pick up the dividend. Payout will be in Fruary. This buy increases my forward 12 month dividend with $7,68 before taxes. After taxes and at the current exchange rate this will be €6.28 bringing it to about €280.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Even i made my first purchase of 2017 same day as you except its VFC.
    I have seen ABBV popup few times in Dividend community.

  2. Nice buy. I love buying stocks right before their Ex Date.

  3. Nice pick up. ABBV is one of my larger positions in my portfolio with plans to keep this name for the foreseeable future. A lot to like about this stock long term.

  4. So you get a 1.92 dollar dividend minus taxes in February. Woo-hoo way to go! Buy a candy bar or something.. Or go to work if you're older than you seem to be.