woensdag 18 januari 2017

New position: TGT

Today I started another new position. I bought 5 shares of Target Corporation (TGT) at a price of $66.65 a share. Although I had zero shares of TGT it is not a totally new postion. In November 2016 I bought and sold a few shares for a hefty profit.
Back  then I bought the shares for almost the same price $66.80 and sold them for $77.25 and also picking up a quarter of dividend in the process.

TGT was down heavily today after presenting disappointing Holiday season sales. Now the share price is back down to the level of November. While the share price in dollars was a bit lower than when I bought the shares in November, the amount I had to pay in Euros was a bit higher due to the stronger dollar.

Including transaction fees the total costs are €313.19. With TGT paying $2.40 per year it the yield is 3.6%. My expected forward dividend is increased by €9.62 fastly approaching €300.

I now have added three new positions this month. And almost used all of the funds I designated for investing in the first Quarter. Next months will be slower I expect.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice TGT buy. I saw the price dip today and though about buying more shares. I'll wait a few days and see if it continues to slide.

  2. thx, I don't know if the price will drop any further or will recover somewhat. This is within the pricerange I want to buy the stock. If it drops any further I might pick up a few shares extra.

  3. Nice buy. I am also new to dividend investing.