donderdag 15 december 2016

Recent buy: UNA

This moring I made another purchase of Unilever (AMS.UNA). After the rate hike by the Fed, US stocks were getting much more expensive due to the increasing dollar/euro exchange rate.

I didn't think I would be able to do another purchase this year, but paying off a debt on my previous home earlier this month (and saving up the dividends I received) made it possible to do this purchase.

That is why I decided to add to one of my Euro positions. Since RDSA is already the largest position I have and has increased in value a lot since the OPEC deal, I decided tot buy some more Unilever stock.

I bought 9 shares at a price of €37,75 per share. Including transaction fees this totalled €341.82 and a cost basis of €37.98. The puchase will add €11,52 before taxes or €9,80 after taxes to my annual dividend income.

The yield on this purchase is 3,37% and I am expecting a dividend increase announcement before the next dividend payout in march, so it might get a bit higher. However, this is a decent dividend yield nonetheless.

I now own 32 shares of Unilever at a cost basis of €38,84 per share.

This will be my last purchase of 2016. My goal in the coming year is to at least add 5 more (substantial) positions to my portfolio. I am constructing a watchlist for those positions at the moment.

For the rest of the year I will only be receiving some more dividends from Coca-Cola (today) and Royal Dutch Shell (tomorrow).

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