maandag 19 september 2016

Recent buy: Whitestone REIT

I am not yet investing for a long time (since last april) my longest positions include Coca-Cola (NYSE;KO) and Royal Dutch Shell (AEX;RDSA), which are to date also my largest positions.

In august and september I started, and later expanded, a position in Whitestone REIT (NYSE; WSR). Whitestone is a fully integrated real estate investment trust that owns operates and redevelops community centered properties. An eleborate analysis you can read here. A stock price of under $15 was named in the article.

On August 12th I bought my first 16 shares for $15,06 per share, totaling €216,63 including transaction fees. However, the stock price was dropping so on august 24th I bought another 22 shares for $14,80 per share, totaling another €290,50. And two days later I bought another 12 shares for $14,55 per share.

So my total position in WSR is now 50 shares or a total investment of €663,80. 

WSR pays it's dividend on a monthly basis. It pays $0,095 per share per month. This totals my 12 month dividend income for WSR to $57 (or €50,89 at current exchange rates). 
Yield on Costs comes to 7,7%.

WSR hasn't increased it's dividend yet, but the analysis linked above shows that their first dividend hike is not far away.

However, in the last week(s) the shareprice of WSR has even dropped to sub 14 dollars, making an even higher yield possible.

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