zondag 14 augustus 2016

Introducing Dividend Dolphin

As a family, living in The Netherlands, we are striving to get financially independant as soon as possible so we will be able to spend our time as we see fit. While the "mandatory" retirement age is increased over and over again, Dutch retiremtentfunds are under pressure to meet pay-out requirements, we would like to pay off our mortgage as soon as possible and saving a bundle rom which we can pay our life's needs when we stop working.

We would like to do that mostly by investing in dividend growth stocks and, maybe later on, invest in real estate. Also a small amount of savings on a savings account will help too.

At the moment we are both investing in dividend growth stocks and paying off our mortgage. On the latter I blog here (in Dutch). Because of our high mortgage payments the amounts we can invest each month are nog that high yet, but by reducing those costs by paying off the house, we should be able to increase our investments eventualy. Also we can reinvest the dividends we will receive.

We started investing in March 2016 and now have a portfolio of about €3.200.

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